Trek to Damian Mountain

Damian mountain (1.7km from the Nirvana farm) offers amazing views over the Li River and the Xingping village, and also will give you memories of an adventure that will be hard to forget. Read this article for detailed route description.

Rock-climbing 5 minutes from our hotel

Yangshuo is famous for its multiple rock-climbing routes. There are several climbing routes on the small mountain literally at the side of our hotel. Different level routes are available. Feel free to ask more information at the reception. A qualified instructor can be available upon request. Check out this blog post with a climbing video that has been shot in the area.

Permaculture workshops

Permaculture is the development of an argricultural ecosystem that intends to be sustainable and self-sufficient. At Nirvana Organic farm we are avoiding chemicals to grow the crops, but instead keeping them healthy by using traditional ways, such as fertilizing the crops with farmyard manure. We offer group workshops to study permaculture, approach the nature, and protect the environment upon requesr. Find here the link to a detailed description of such a workshop.

A Bamboo Boat Trip on the Li River


While staying at ‘Nirvana Inn’, don’t miss the opportunity to take a bamboo boat from Xingping to Yangdi, stopping off on the way at Quangjiazhou Village (close to Langshi). This trip should take about 2 hours, you can hike back along the river until you arrive at Nine Horse Fresco (2 hours). Cross the river (10 yuan/person) where you will find the blue battery-truck (golf car). Show the driver your bamboo boat ticket and you can return to Xingping for free (20 minutes). Please note that the last battery-truck leaves around 17:00.

Trekking up Laozhai Hill


Laozhai Hill is located at the pier of Xingping. At 200 meters tall, and with an artificial stone staircase to the top, Laozhai Hill can be climbed with little difficulty. Your reward for the short but strenuous climb? A stunning view of the farm, the river, and surrounding mountainside. At the right time, this is a perfect vista for photographers and anyone who wishes to be blown away by the beauty of the Chinese landscape.

Cormorant Fishing at Night on the Li River


Cormorant fishing is unique in China and is a popular attraction in Xingping. A technique which is hundreds of years old, and which generally takes place in the evening after dark, you may be lucky to see the twinkle of lights from the bamboo rafts as the birds are busy at work. This is a rare opportunity to experience something special and memorable during your time in our region. You can enquire at reception about booking a cormorant fishing trip – an unmissable activity for photographers.

Longjing River White Water Rafting


Longjing River white water rafting scenic spot is 8km from Xingping town, the river rafting distance is about 6KM, and is a very entertaining and exciting excursion. This is a great excursion in the summer for adventure seekers. Talk to our friendly receptionists about booking this activity.

Cycling in the Countryside


The countryside surrounding our hostel is well suited for cycling, and you are welcome to enquire at reception about hiring a bike from us. We can also recommend you a good route, but remember to take plenty of water and snacks, as they may not be readily available in the smaller villages.

Trekking to Nunnery or Shawan Village


Shawan is a village located on an enclosed meander of the Li River. The hike there is just as enjoyable as the actual village, and as all good travelers​ say, it is the journey that makes the trip, not the destination! While at the nunnery you can experience the Buddhist traditions, marvel at the unique way in which the dwelling appears to be carved into the tremendous cliffs above, and explore the adjoining caves.

Fishing Village Trek


This two-hour​ trek to the fishing village is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the authentic Chinese countryside and shake off the hustle and bustle of city life. With a water bottle, some snacks and your camera in tow, you will pass through small local farms, orchards and over the crest of the mountainside, to be greeted with one of the most stunning views in the region. On arrival in the tiny village, you can wander the streets and laneways at leisure while perusing the local townspeople’s crafts. You will even be walking in the footsteps of US President Bill Clinton, who visited the village with his family in 1998.

Kayaking in Fuli


We can sometimes arrange a Kayaking tour for adventure seekers in Fuli town. The location is just 30 minutes by bus from Xingping and about 15 mins from Yangshuo. You will proceed to paddle to Liu Gong village, which will take one hour. Please ask at reception as it is only available at certain times in the year.