Tengjiao An, the Nunnery

Just 30 minutes walking from Nirvana (1.4km) we found this temple and its peculiar location under a huge rock. The way to get here from the farm is very easy:

Exit the property using the paved path to the left and keep walking passing the hotels until you reach the main road, then go to the right and walk until you see the signal of the eco-trail (5 min).

Follow the path until you get to the Tengjiao bridge, cross it and go to the path on the left.

Keep following the path and when you get to the stone stairs don’t go up, follow the path on the left side.

After around 10-15 minutes walking by the river you will see the entrance to the Nunnery, cross the gate and go straight; you will see the building after a minute.

Enjoy the views and the peaceful moment, and if you wish to continue the adventure, you can visit the cave that is located behind the temple, known as the Snail cave, as it lies below the Snail Hill.

Please note that the path at some points might be quite slippery or muddy, or both.

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